Decrease Patient A/R.
Accelerate Cash Flow.

Accelerate and increase patient cash flow, automate the entire patient billing process, and increase patient billing satisfaction.

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Decrease Patient A/R.
Accelerate Cash Flow.

Accelerate and increase patient cash flow, automate the entire patient billing process, and increase patient billing satisfaction.

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or call us: (844) 965-0880
Patient Satisfaction
Facilities use Collectly
Average days to collect
an outstanding balance
Increase in Patient Payments

Collectly helps medical groups accelerate and increase post-service patient payment collections, automate entire patient billing process, and simplify medical billing experience for patients.

Boost Engagement with Payment Links

Modern way for
managing patient billing

Collectly offers medical groups a modern way for managing patient billing. By sending clear and easy-to-read statements via text or email, healthcare providers can better align with the communication preferences of modern patients. This approach encourages more efficient patient engagement, which in turn leads to faster payments and a reduction in "days in A/R." Consequently, medical groups may see an increase in patient cash flow, improved collections, and enhanced patient satisfaction. Adopting Collectly's digital statement solution helps optimizing the billing process for practices in a contemporary, user-friendly manner.

Automate Your Entire Patient A/R

Automate patient

Collectly enables medical groups to automate their patient A/R follow-up process, streamlining communication and reducing manual effort. By automating outreach, healthcare providers can save time and resources previously dedicated to calling patients or repeatedly sending paper statements. This efficient approach may lead to accelerated patient cash flow, reduced collection costs, and increased patient satisfaction. With a simple click, medical groups can set up a follow-up policy during onboarding and then let the system manage the entire process, allowing them to focus on other essential aspects of their practice.

Simplify Bill Pay with Guest Pay

No login payments solution. It takes 2 clicks
to pay a bill

Collectly offers a convenient solution for patients who wish to pay their medical bills without the need to sign up for a patient portal or remember login credentials. Recognizing that many patients may not frequently use or prefer patient portals, this feature simplifies the payment process by allowing them to complete their transactions with just two taps on their smartphones.

By eliminating barriers to payment, medical groups can improve overall patient experience and encourage prompt bill settlement. Historically, low patient engagement with portals has been a contributing factor to delayed payments, but with "Lightning Guest Pay," patients can quickly and easily complete transactions, potentially increasing payment rates for healthcare providers.

Help Patients Clear Large Balances

Ability to create own
plans online

Collectly is designed to provide patients with the flexibility to create their own payment plans online, catering to their financial needs and preferences. This option is particularly useful for patients facing larger balances that may be challenging to pay in full. By empowering patients to set up personalized payment arrangements without the need to call and request assistance, the process becomes more accessible and convenient.

This feature can also benefit medical groups by improving their ability to collect payments for larger outstanding balances. With a self-served payment plan builder, patients are more likely to commit to a manageable payment schedule that suits their financial situation. This increased level of engagement can lead to more consistent revenue streams for healthcare providers.

By offering a user-friendly and customizable payment plan builder, both patients and medical groups can experience a more efficient and satisfactory billing process. Patients can feel more in control of their financial obligations, while healthcare providers can collect payments more effectively, making it a mutually beneficial solution for all parties involved.

24/7/365 Patient Billing Support

Full-scale patient
billing support

Collectly offers the ability for medical groups to outsource their entire patient billing support to an experienced internal team of patients advocates. This team is well-equipped to address any patient concerns or questions about their bills, providing assistance through live-chat or phone support. By outsourcing this aspect of their practice, medical groups can focus on delivering quality care to their patients without being burdened by billing-related inquiries.

This approach leads to a decrease in the cost to collect, as the dedicated support team handles billing questions and issues more efficiently. Additionally, this feature allows for a better patient experience, as patients can promptly receive the help they need from knowledgeable professionals. This can result in improved patient satisfaction, as well as timely resolution of billing concerns.

How automating patient billing helped CleanSlate Centers increase collections and streamline operations
Marketplace case study
How automating patient billing helped CleanSlate Centers increase collections and streamline operations
Return on Investment (ROI) in first calendar year
Increase in monthly patient revenue collections
cut down of paper statements

“With the chat functionality, I am able to reach patients that I am not able to get on the phone. We can discuss any issues and the patient can add documents.”

Fanisesa Ligon
Financial Counselor

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Digital Check-in Experience, In-Person Payments, and Post-Service Billing Experience that’s fully automated, works for every demographic, and streamlines your in-house billing operations.

Collectly Suite
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Digital Check-In

Entire virtual check-in experience to accelerate cash flow & automate
front-desk ops.

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In-Person Payments

Collectly POS allows healthcare organizations to accept all kinds of modern payments and introduce smart AutoPay policies to accelerate patient cash flow.

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Post-Service Billing

Automate your entire post-service Patient A/R process from sending a statement till going through a collections process with a third-party agency.

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