Check-in Patients
Virtually. Increase Revenue

Check-in patients, verify insurance eligibility, predict patient responsibility, collect payments, and collect medical information. Bi-directional real-time sync with selected EHR/PM without a single click of your front-desk team.

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Check-in Patients
Virtually. Increase Revenue

Check-in patients, verify insurance eligibility, predict patient responsibility, collect payments, and collect medical information. Bi-directional real-time sync with selected EHR/PM without a single click of your front-desk team.

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Collectly helps medical groups improve their revenue cycle management, operational efficiency, and patient experience. By streamlining the check-in process with Collectly, medical groups enhance their financial performance and patient satisfaction, ultimately improving their bottom line.

Accelerate Patient Cash Flow

Collect all patient
payments during
the check-in process

Medical groups can accelerate patient cash flow by collecting all patient payments automatically prior to their appointments. This eliminates the risk of front-desk team members forgetting to charge for co-pays or outstanding balances, and allows for the introduction of AutoPay policies.

By automating the payment collection process, medical groups can increase efficiency, reduce errors, and ultimately collect more patient payments faster.

Patients can easily check-in for appointments using their mobile devices, pay all co-pays and outstanding balances, fill out digital medical forms, and even sign up for payment plans right during the check-in process, providing a seamless and convenient experience for both patients and medical groups.

Decrease Waiting Times

Complete electronic
paperwork prior to in-office appointment

Medical groups can decrease waiting times and increase pass-through velocity. By enabling patients to check-in and complete necessary paperwork and payments prior to their appointments, medical groups can significantly reduce patient wait times and improve patient satisfaction. With decreased wait times and increased efficiency, medical groups can increase the number of patients seen per day, ultimately increasing revenue.

By streamlining the check-in process and automating payment collection, medical groups can free up staff time and resources, allowing them to focus on providing quality patient care.

Patient-Driven Eligibility Verification

Patients verify their
insurance in real-time

With Collectly, medical groups can run insurance eligibility verification prior to patients coming in, fully automated at the moment patients check-in on their own. This helps eliminate insurance errors and reduce accounts receivable, while streamlining in-house operations and increasing revenue collections. By verifying insurance eligibility upfront, medical groups can ensure that claims are accurately processed and avoid time-consuming and costly errors down the line. With streamlined operations and improved payment collection, medical groups can increase efficiency, reduce administrative costs, and ultimately improve their financial performance.

Streamline Front-Desk Operations

Patients enter their
own demographic

Another crucial benefit is that Collectly helps medical groups eliminate front-desk and billing mistakes and errors. With patients entering their own demographic information into the system, the risk of typos and inaccuracies is greatly reduced, leading to fewer claim denials and rejections from insurance plans. Additionally, Collectly provides integrated insurance eligibility verifications on the fly, allowing patients to fix mistakes or provide secondary insurance plans on the go. This helps billing departments avoid seeing non-eligible patients and ensures that the correct payment information is collected upfront. By eliminating errors and streamlining the payment collection process, medical groups can collect more payments faster, accelerate cash flow, and reduce administrative costs associated with correcting mistakes.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

User-friendly check-in
for all

Another vital benefit is that Collectly helps medical groups provide a much better patient experience. Patients can check-in virtually using their smartphones from anywhere, at any time, increasing convenience and reducing the amount of time spent waiting at the office. With the ability to view and pay all outstanding balances and co-pays, patients have greater control over their billing and can avoid wasting time during their day. The software also offers medical billing transparency, providing patients with easy access to their billing history and a clear understanding of the costs associated with their healthcare. By improving the patient experience and increasing patient satisfaction, medical groups can enhance patient lifetime value and retention, ultimately leading to improved financial performance.

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How automating patient billing helped CleanSlate Centers increase collections and streamline operations
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Increase in monthly patient revenue collections
cut down of paper statements

“With the chat functionality, I am able to reach patients that I am not able to get on the phone. We can discuss any issues and the patient can add documents.”

Fanisesa Ligon
Financial Counselor

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Collectly POS allows healthcare organizations to accept all kinds of modern payments and introduce smart AutoPay policies to accelerate patient cash flow.

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Automate your entire post-service Patient A/R process from sending a statement till going through a collections process with a third-party agency.

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