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What is Collectly

It's a HIPAA-compliant add-on for your EHR/PM to run your patient-facing billing process reliably and repeatably. From storing a card on file with AutoPay to an autonomous A/R follow-up with digital and paper statements.
14 days
Go-live with any EHR/PM
Increase in payments from patients
12.6 days
Average days to collect a medical bill
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Who Collectly is for?

For Practices & Medical Groups

Since patient responsibility increases every year by 12%, more and more private practices, urgent cares, and other ambulatory healthcare organizations feel the need of ways to better collect payments from patients. Collectly is a new tool for practices who wants to boost patient collection rates and improve patient billing experience, because of confusing medical billing.
Most importantly there is no need to change the EHR/PM practices uses today.

For Billing & RCM Companies

Billing Companies struggle these days with patient statements process for the three main reasons: patients don't really pay their paper bills, it's extremely unprofitable to do the manual patient A/R follow-up, and they get a massive volume of calls from patients with billing questions or complains. Collectly is a solution to solve just that. Billing companies use Collectly across multiple EHR/PM software their clients use, so there is no need to change the software, credit card processor, or even change something on the front-desk.

For Hospitals & Health Systems

Hospitals & Health Systems face huge challenges these days to engage patients in paying their bills (self-pay) and simplifying the complexity of medical bills in the eyes of their patients. Since hospitals run on tiny margins it's become incredibly important for them to collect from patients on time.
Collectly helps hospitals and health systems boost self-pay and after-insurance-responsibility engagement by more than 300%.

Collectly at a glance

Patient eStatements

Collectly allows you to send patient statements as secured links via text, email, voicemails, and paper, so that your patients receive them instantly and can stay on top of their bills.

Store Card on File with AutoPay

Store credit cards on file HIPAA-compliant to boost your collections and eliminate paper-based billing. Enroll your patients at the moment they pay your bills or in the office with or without charging copays upfront.

Live-Chat with your Billing Team

Want get rid of 60% of inbound calls from patients? 
With Collectly your patients will be able to live-chat with your billing team in case they have a question about their bill, insurance plan, payment, or payment plan.

Online Payment Plans

In case your patients can't pay their bill in full your patients build their payment plans online in a secure and convenient way. Letting your patients subscribe to an online payment plan increases collections by 23%.

Customizable Templates

Control the wording of the billing notifications your patients receive, regardless of whether it is a text message, e-mail, voicemail, robocall, or a call.

Automated A/R follow-up

Collectly automates the entire patient A/R follow-up by letting you design the billing workflow you want, regardless of whether you run the stored cards in batches or bill with statements.

Other customer stories

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