I got a notification about a previous or recent appointment that includes a link to my medical bill. Could this be fraudulent? What action should I take?

Answer: In case you don't recall the healthcare provider or facility's name and are concerned it may be a fraud attempt, always refrain from making any payment until you have confirmed the authenticity of the communication. Do not pay to anyone you don't recognize.

How can I confirm the authenticity of this communication?

Answer: To ensure this message is legitimate, kindly get in touch directly with the healthcare provider or facility that is reportedly reaching out to you via Collectly. You can verify the source of this communication by checking with their billing department, and confirm that there's a valid reason for them to contact you.

Is Collectly a debt collection agency? Will my credit score be affected?

Answer: No, Collectly isn't a collection agency and you're not in debt collections. Any interaction with a healthcare provider through Collectly is not an attempt to collect a debt. Also, we don't have any affiliation with credit bureaus, so your credit score won't be influenced by us.

However, it's important to note that our clients may independently pursue debt collection, separate from Collectly.

Collectly is a patient engagement platform that assists healthcare organizations in communicating about upcoming and past appointments, enabling digital check-ins, facilitating online bill payments, and more.

While we don't oversee the content of client communications and deliver them 'as is', our Terms of Use prohibit customers from using our products for first-party or third-party debt collection activities. If you suspect someone is attempting to collect a debt via Collectly or is misusing our platform, please contact us at support@collectly.co we can initiate an investigation.

Why has my credit card been charged, and what should I do about it?

Answer: Collectly functions as a payment facilitator for healthcare organizations, but never directly handles patients' funds.

There could be a few reasons why a healthcare organization might have charged your credit card:
a) You've saved your card details with your healthcare provider who uses Collectly and consented to AutoPay;

b) You've shared your card details over the phone to pay a bill;

c) You've settled a medical bill via Collectly;

d) You've arranged a payment plan with your healthcare provider who uses Collectly, and an installment payment has been charged.

If you believe your card was charged without your permission, or that your credit card was misused to make a payment through Collectly, please follow these steps:

I. Dispute the charge with your bank. Typically, the healthcare organization may lose the dispute if your card was used without your consent.

II. Reach out to the billing department of the healthcare provider that charged your card to check the legitimacy of the charge.

III. Contact Collectly, either via the live chat in your account or by emailing support@collectly.co. We can place your account on a temporary hold until we receive clarification from our customer about your consent to charge your card.

I have just paid my medical bill through Collectly. Who is the recipient of these funds - Collectly or my healthcare provider?

Answer: Collectly never receives any patients' funds and acts only as payments facilitator for healthcare organizations. The funds are consistently collected by the respective healthcare provider or organization.

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