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Collectly is an add-on for Kareo to text patient bills via HIPAA-compliant secured links and get paid in 7 seconds. No patient portals. Amazing 89% open rates.
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What is Collectly

Collectly is a HIPAA-compliant add-on for Kareo that helps you bill patients by text and email so that patients can instantly view and pay their bills without a need to sign up or sign in the patient portal, start AutoPay, build self-served payment plans, and live-chat with your billing team.
Collectly uses openly available Kareo APIs and has 2-way sync with Kareo, meaning whatever happens in Kareo will get reflected in Collectly and vice versa*. Works with both EHR & BillCo editions.
Less paper statements sent
Typical increase in total patient payments
30 min
Average time saved per patient billed
Decrease in calls with billing questions

Who Collectly is for?

For Practices & Medical Groups who use Kareo

Since patient responsibility increases every year by 12%, more and more private practices and medical groups feel the need for better ways to collect out-of-pocket costs. Collectly is a HIPAA-compliant solution for practices who use Kareo and want to boost patient collection rates, streamline patient billing operations, and improve the patient billing experience.

For Billing & RCM Companies who use Kareo

Billing companies struggle with the patient statement process for three main reasons: patients don’t pay their paper bills, manual patient A/R follow-up is extremely unprofitable, and fielding the large number of calls from patients with billing questions or complaints is difficult and time-consuming. Collectly can solve each of these issues. Billing companies use Collectly in conjunction with multiple EHR/PM platforms, so there is no need to change software, credit card processors, or anything on your front-desk.

Collectly at a glance

eBills & No-sign-up Payments

Collectly allows you to send patient statements as secured links via text, email, voicemails, direct mail, and push notifications, so your patients receive them instantly and can pay bills in just 7 seconds.
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Store Card on File with AutoPay

Store credit cards using HIPAA-compliant methods to boost your collections and eliminate paper-based billing. Enroll your patients when they pay their bill, or in the office with or without upfront copays.
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Live-Chat with your Billing Team

Want to get rid of 60% of inbound calls from patients? With Collectly, your patients will be able to live-chat with your billing team in case they have a question about their bill, insurance plan, payment, or payment plan.
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Online Payment Plans

In case your patients can’t pay their bill in full, your patients can build their payment plans online securely and conveniently. Letting your patients subscribe to an online payment plan increases collections by 23%
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Customizable Templates

Control the wording of the billing notifications your patients receive, regardless of whether it is a text message, email, voicemail, robocall, or a regular phone call.
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Automated A/R follow-up

Collectly automates the entire patient A/R follow-up by letting you design the billing workflow you want, regardless of whether you run the stored cards in batches or bill with statements.
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Other customer stories

Read the success stories of our customers to find out why so many healthcare organizations choose us.



Collectly Platform Fee

Up to 5 billable providers
Up to 1 brand/tax ID
Up to 1 connected bank account
Patient eStatements
Online Payment Plans
Best practices fixed billing workflows
Live-chat and ticket system
Integrated Payments
Basic support level

Unit Prices Starting At:
• $0.69* per paper statement
• $0.30 per successful online card charge

talk to SALES


Talk to Sales
Collectly Platform Fee

Previous Plan plus:

Up to 30 billable providers
Multiple brands/tax IDs
Multiple connected bank accounts
Customizable billing workflows
support level with live-chat
Patient Support Team on demand
... and more!

Unit Prices Starting At:
• $0.69* per paper statement
• $0.30 per successful online card charge
• Talk to sales for tiered collection fees
TALK to sales

ENTERPRISe & rcm companies

Talk to Sales
tiered pricing model applies

Previous Plan plus:
billable providers
Premium 24/7/365 support
Dedicated manager
... and more!

Unit Prices:
Unbeatable per unit pricing
Unbeatable collection fees
Unbeatable credit card fees
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Press about Collectly


Does Collectly substitute Kareo?

No, Collectly does not substitute Kareo. Collectly is not meant to be used separately from any EHR/PM and can't be used as a standalone software. Kareo still to be used as a place where you do the billing and/or your medical records live.
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Is Collectly HIPAA-compliant?

Yes, Collectly is a HIPAA-compliant web-based application. Every communication is secured with 256-bit encryption and the entire application is vetted by industry security leaders.
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Do I need to change merchant service?

No, Collectly uses the same merchant services as Kareo, which is Stripe, Inc. It gives you the power to keep your current merchant services and don't spend time and effort on unnecessary change.
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What kind of information do you pull from Kareo?

Collectly imports a lot of information from Kareo, such as demographic information, financial informations (claims, transactions, and statements), collection categories and much more.
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Do you post the payments back to Kareo?

Yes, we do! In case patients pay through Collectly we do post all the payments back, so that no manual work here needed and the most important information stays up-to-date!
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Can I manage multiple brands in one account?

Yes, you can! If you manage multiple practices or brands we can create a one single account for all of them, so that you have unified reporting, analytics across all the practices.
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